Aminogen is a patented enzyme derived from the plants Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae. These enzymes help your body break down and digest the protein you ingest much faster than your body can do it on its own. Aminogen helps to maximize the release of amino acids from the protein which allows you to absorb and utilize more of it for muscle building and faster recovery.


  • Releases over 50% more amino acids from your protein
  • Increases nitrogen retention
  • Enhances glutamine availability
  • Increases branched-chain amino acid levels which helps delay fatigue
  • Leads to increased Arginine availability, promoting fat loss
  • Is safe for the vegetarian because it is plant derived

Supplementation Description

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are used by the body for various functions but for the athlete they are especially important to help increase strength and  performance and increase muscle mass. The body receives the amino acids by breaking down proteins into smaller “pieces” in order to shuttle them into the cells for utilization. However, your body can only break down so much on its own. This is where Amiongen comes into play. It helps your body break down and digest protein faster and much more efficiently without the added intestinal gas. In turn, it helps maximize the amino acids released from the foods you eat, allowing you to absorb more of the building blocks you need for building lean muscle mass. For athletes looking for that competitive edge should consider adding Aminogen to help reach your full potential. It can even aid the casual athlete looking to lose weight and get into better shape or seniors on a restricted diet looking to retain muscle mass. Aminogen helps maximize your protein and your money.

Aminogen can be added to any of our protein powders or blends from the drop down box on product pages. Aminogen can not be bought by the pound and can only be ordered as an add in. The cost of Aminogen is .75 cents per pound.