Micronized Oats now available as a replacement to Oats Plus

2nd Feb 2014

We had to discontinue Oats Plus a while back for various reasons. Now PN has an alternative for those still wanting a high-quality oat product that mixes on the go. Micronized Oats is just that. Packing the same amount of fiber, rich in beta-glucan, and all the other healthy properties of oats, Micronized Oats fills the void left by Oats PLUS. 

The major difference between Micronized Oats and Oats PLUS is that Micronized Oats does not mix instantly in a shaker cup. It mixes approximately 90% and the rest of the particles are very fine and remain in suspension. YOU WILL NOT HAVE CHUNKS OF OATS FLOATING AROUND YOUR CUP. In a blender, Micronized Oats mixes completely. The good news is Micronized Oats is HALF the price of our original Oats PLUS formula. Buy a pound and try it for yourself.