Creating Your Mirror Image

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This is the first of a short series of e-books that Prescription Nutrition will be releasing over the coming months. It is short and to the point on how to reduce body fat and improve your image. This book features the following

  • 20 Tips on shedding body fat quickly
  • Sample workouts to help shed the weight
  • Sample diets of how, when, and what to eat
  • Proper supplementation to help lose weight, increase energy and wellness, and gain lean muscle in the process

Creating Your Mirror Image is a general guide for the average person wishing to lose those 10lbs they always seem to cannot get rid of. It is for the person who wants to improve their body composition or health by shedding body fat not muscle. The guides and samples in this short book, when implemented as suggested, really will help the average person achieve their goals. Remember, nothing is stopping you from achieving your goals, other than you. This book gives you all the tips and tricks to get what you want. A BETTER you!


Please open this book with any PDF viewer and set it to full screen. The e-book has transitions and photos that make it an easy read for anyone. Please feel free to ask questions via our Facebook page and we'll do our best to answer them. We hope you enjoy it.