Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COP) 100 Grams

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What is it?

Let's start off with the basics. CREATINOL-O-PHOSPHATE (COP) IS NOT CREATINE. Now that we have that out of the way, let's move onto some education on what it is, what it does, why we want it, and how it benefits athletes and trainees.

Scientifically, COP is basically an intracellular buffer, preventing a dramatic drop in pH and allowing muscle contractions to continue well beyond the point at which your body would normally shut down activity.(1,2) It helps you train longer by increasing anaerobic glycolysis in the presence of lactic acid. In a nutshell, it helps you increase the time under tension during eccentric motion. This is key because training failure during eccentric motion is usually due to a breakdown in sarcolemmal integrity and the junction between muscle cells and the nervous system (neuromuscular junction). Once you reach the failure point they can no longer communicate but with creatinol-o-phosphate your typical failure point can be surpassed. This can cause a greater quantal summation of muscle cells recruited during eccentric motion. Basically, you have greater total muscle stimulation which may lead to enhanced hypertrophy. Creatine does not do this. It's for this exact reason that people who have correctly loaded and used COP in the right doses have felt extra sore after their lifting days. Normally, lactic acid stops your muscles from contracting before they damage themselves too much. COP, as an "intracellular buffer," allows your muscles to push past that lactate threshhold and "damage" their muscles more. More muscle damage = the potential for more hypertrophy. More hypertrophy = the potential for more growth!

In a nutshell, creatinol-o-phosphate actually improves the action of creatine in the muscles. In order for creatine phosphate to be used, sufficient levels of CPK must be present to separate the phosphate and eventually donate it to ADP to make ATP.
So by now you are asking, "Should I be stacking COP and creatine?" The answer is an emphatic YES! Think about it the importance of COP lies in maintaining sarcolemmal integrity. Under heavy weight loads, obviously with muscles contracting at such high intensity leads to the breakdown of muscle cell membrane integrity. COP acts on the basis that the cause of muscle failure is the nervous system's inability to continue signaling skeletal muscle cells while the sarcolemma is under such stress. You can have as much creatine phosphate as you want at this point, but if your CNS can't signal the muscle fibers, it's like having gas without an engine.

Wanna make this stack better?

Beta-alanine works it's magic here also. Beta-alanine works by buffering H+ ions and allowing you to train longer. Consider beta-alanine and COP to be a 1-2 punch. The beta-alanine kicks in first allowing you to train longer. Then as that's wearing out, the COP is still going strong by buffering the lactic acid. See the real world application for sports yet? If you are an MMA fighter, would you not want to be able to hang onto a hold longer? Squeeze harder for longer? For football, when the legs are tired and you feel that burning sensation, imagine that coming on later or not even at all. The real world application of COP in sports is easy to see. Noted chemist Patrick Arnold would not stand behind COP vehemently if he did not believe in it. He's stated that this is a game changing compound for both endurance training and muscle building.

So is there a special way to take this or what?

Nope. No loading or stacking. Simply follow the directions listed below and you should start to notice a difference in about 5 training sessions. Many users have reported they never feel tired at the end of their training. They feel like they could do more. This is COP kicking in. Feel free to push the limits of your training with this product.

I've heard there is fake COP going around these days. How do I know this is the real stuff? 

If you have been reading, you may have heard there is creatinol-o-phosphate going around that is fake. Not ours! We have tested it and can provide a COA. Not only that, we physically verified it is real by doing real world chemistry experiments on it. Patrick Arnold, the famed chemist and researcher of all things bodybuilding demonstrated a way to do this in your own kitchen. We followed his methods, and ours came it with flying colors as our customers expect from Prescription Nutrition. Time to grab up this endurance and workout enhancing product.  

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Instructions for Use

As a dietary supplement, take 2.5g of material 30 to 45 minutes before exercise. When mixing the powder, stir with a spoon for 15-30 seconds to completely dissolve. Don't forget to pick up your scoop for easy measuring of COP. Each LEVEL 3.5cc scoop yields 2.5g of COP. 


Stand-up pouch of appropriate size. Orders of greater than 100 grams will be consolidated to save packaging costs unless customer notes specific requests on the comments section of the checkout process.

Safety and Precautions

This product is free from all forms of shell fish, tree nuts, yeast, gluten, salt, preservatives, artificial ingredients, lactose, and soy, fillers, binders, or chemical excipients. This product is manufactured in a facility that handles soy and milk products.No added sugars, salt, preservatives, salicylates, or artificial color, flavor or fragrance.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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