Hemp Protein (1lb) - Organic

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This all-in-one protein and fiber powder will allow you to pump up, recover, and “clean your pipes.” This form of protein is organic, non-gmo, pure vegetable based and contains zero dairy or lactose. Hemp protein by nature has a slightly nutty taste. Hemp contains more beneficial fats than any other protein powder with the added advantage of fiber. You can bake with hemp also. Perfect substitute in brownies, cakes, or cookies.

Health and Fitness Information

From this plant source comes and abundance of amino acids essential to optimum health and performance. Boasting 65% edistine (the highest ranked plant protein) and 45% albumin, hemp protein also features 10% omega 3, 6, and GLA fats. This protein is processed at very low temperatures to ensure raw freshness and a fine powder. Hemp protein is preservative and synthetics free. Our hemp protein is imported from Canada where production standards for organics are higher than the USA.

Directions for Use
Use one or more scoops as needed or directed. Mix with your favorite beverage or water.

This product can be found in our AnaMASS lean mass gainer!

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