MCT's - Medium Chain Triglycerides (1lb)

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What is it?

Medium Chain esters are high stability products derived from natural vegetable oils. Medium Chain esters contain medium chain fatty acids derived from coconut and palm kernel oils. These fatty acids are obtained by hydrolysis of lauric oils to their glycerol and fatty acid components. Glycerol is drawn off and the remaining fatty acids are fractionally distilled. Fractionation yields a caproic, caprylic, and capric mixture. To yield a powder the oil is spray dried using ingredients to encapsule the oil and convert it into powdered form. The powder is white to off white and has a bland taste. Mixes easily with a spoon.

Supplementation and Usage

MCT supplementation provides the athlete with quick energy, faster than maltodextrin and/or any high glycemic carbohydrate. Why? MCT’s are quickly turned to energy and ketone bodies by the liver. These energy and ketone bodies directly enter the blood stream and are transported to the tissues of the body that need energy.

If you are an ectomorph (fast metabolism) trying to gain weight, increase muscle mass, this is a perfect addition to the diet as quality calories that may also help preserve glycogen stores. Supplementation of MCT’s by an ectomorph is sure to make mass gains and put on body weight, here’s why….Fat possesses 9 calories per gram, as opposed to protein and carbohydrates which have 4 calories per gram. If one were to take in 20 grams of MCT they would receive 180 calories, as opposed to 20 grams of protein which would yield only 80 calories. The difference is obvious. High calorie intake to put on weight is the key to put on mass.

A Recommended usage for MCT's by the ectomorph is to use it anytime during the day, but especially before and after workouts. We recommend 20 grams before and after training.

If you are a mesomorph or endomorph and are trying to lose weight or implementing a low-carb diet, this is the ticket as well. The MCTs convert readily to energy to get you through the day and your workouts, but wont be stored as fat. The fat you are taking in, you are burning right off for energy. If you diet is correct, you’ll burn these off, then start burning body fat, since glycogen stores are probably low and you are on a low-carb diet. So no more feeling lethargic and lack of motivation to start the day and hit the gym. 

Mix this with any of our Protein Powders, we recommend ProBlend because it includes a matrix of fast, medium, and slow release proteins. You can also add MCT's to any of our other proteins. MCT's can be found in our AnaMASS weight gainers.