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Micronized Oats is the pinnacle of carbohydrates for athletes and everyday people. An instantized oatmeal, Micronized Oats is the perfect choice of carbohydrates for anyone wishing for a lean, muscular body, looking to lose weight, or just consume wholesome carbs. Micronized Oats contains ZERO sugar. Use Micronized Oats powder to supply the body with glycogen replenishment and at the same time spare amino acids for muscle use. Huge amounts of sugar and spiking insulin release post-workout is so 1990 for weight reduction. In order to lose body fat and gain muscle mass you need frequent meals consisting of protein and carbs, but the carbs must be low glycemic and contain zero sugar. Unfortunately, maltodextrin which is not really a quality carbohydrate choice is usually what is available on the market or in your meal replacement powders and shakes. Our Micronized Oats is a “lean muscle” carbohydrate specifically for athletes and the general population that are looking to improve their nutrition.

How Well Does it Mix?

Micronized Oats mixes easiest in a blender. In a shaker cup, the oats mix approximately 90% with shaking. The remaining oats remain in suspension in a fine powder. NO LARGE CHUNKS OF OATS WILL BE FLOATING AROUND.

Health and Fitness Information

Micronized Oats, rich in beta-glucans, full of fiber and induces satiety while not promoting sluggishness. Beta-glucans are compounds within oats that actually can lower your risk of heart disease.  

Micronized Oats is superior to the following carbohydrates for the numerous reasons mentioned:

  • Maltodextrin
  • Dextrose
  • Frutose
  • Sucrose

All of those are typical, run of the mill carbohydrates found in all of the off the shelf products at retailers. We don’t use them. They are cheaper, but are poor in nutrition and quality.  That’s not what we are about. We are about providing you with top quality choices to improve your health and reach your nutritional goals. Move forward in time and get better results through superior supplementation.

Directions for Use

Add this powder to your current shakes for a balanced meal replacement. You can even use this powder in your post-workout shakes. Use as needed or directed for your fitness and nutritional goals.


Oatmeal Powder

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You can also find Micronized Oats in our Nutrition-To-Go meal replacement.