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We brought this back and reformulated it as Raw Dynamix is starting to focus on more vegan and vegetarian options. Also, many people do not get the required amount of greens in their diet. RAW Organic Greens is an organic(all ingredients), non-GMO source for high-quality greens that may be mixed in with proteins shakes, smoothies, or even yogurt. RAW Organic Greens is composed of alfalfa, barley grass, spinach, wheat grass and spirulina. Whether you are an athlete, recreational trainee, or just someone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, RAW Organic Greens can fill this role. Below we'll discuss the benefits of each.

Alfalfa Grass Powder(organic) has many uses including as a diuretic, treating arthritis, reducing cholesterolhypercholesterolemia) and high blood sugar(hyperglycemia/type 1 and 2 diabetes). Alfalfa grass is high in chlorophyll, protein, vitamins C, E, K, and all B-vitamins, important minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Barley Grass Juice Powder(organic) is comprised many of chlorophyll, fiber, protein, and amylase(an enzyme that helps to digest carbohydrates)and natural vitmains. Barley contains beta-glucan which may improve intestinal health. This is accomplished by increasing the natural "goo" bacteria in the colon. This substance, beta-glucan, also aids barley in blunting increases in blood sugar due to high sugar content meals. Studies show the protein in barley may reduce lipid levels in the blood. This lends credibility to barley reducing high cholesterol and may even promote weight loss.

Spinach Powder(organic) is rich in chlorophyll, iron, carotenoids, and minerals. Spinach powder is currently being researched as adjuncts(in addition to physician monitored and prescribed therapy) to therapy in treating cancers such as breast, colon, lung, and prostate. Nutrients such as magnesium, folate, vitamins A&C, and lycopene. Spinach powder may also provide health benefits in regards to boosting energy, blood pressure, anemia, heart disease, and improving skin health.

Spirulina(organic) is the most important of all the green superfoods(ORAC value 24,000). This algae really is super. Spirulina is 65% protein by weight. It contains high levels of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an important fatty acid with numerous health benefits. Spirulina contains other natural vitamins including A,C,D,E while containing the most B-12 of any vegetable source. Other advantages include high calcium content and the ability to be a potent antioxidant. Spirulina is 4x more potent than blueberries in terms of being an antioxidant, just look at the ORAC value!

Wheat Grass Powder(organic) has been shown benefit abnormal bleeding and ulcerative colitis. It too is high in chlorophyll(seeing a pattern here?) and provides protein, minerals, and vitamins comparable to other green veggies such as broccoli.

Of Note - Chlorophyll is contained in all the above ingredients. Chlorophyll is what the green pigment found in plants is. It is demonstrated to have anti-cancer effects and in binding carcinogenic substances such as heterocyclic amines. Chlorophyll has been clinically shown to reduce body odor and flatulence as well.

Directions for Use

To assess tolerance at first, use 1/2 scoop twice daily. Simply blend with any beverage, smoothie, or yogurt due to its bitter taste. You may increase the amount used as tolerated.


PRECAUTION - Individuals with lupus or lupus-like disease, using antibiotics, or artificially tanning(increased photosensitization) should consult a physician before using this product. Individuals sensitive to vitamin K or with special vitamin K concerns should consult a physician before using this product. The above are due to the high content of alfalfa in this product. Do not take while pregnant or nursing without first consulting a physician.

DISCLAIMER: The above description is provided for information only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your physician or the appropriately licensed professional before engaging in a program of exercise or nutritional supplementation. No information in this site has been reviewed by the FDA. No product is intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.