Shaker Cup

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Hydration is vital and so is your protein and supplement consumption!!! Everyone who engages in sports, exercise, outdoor activities, and/or anything physically strenuous (this includes all of you hard workers out there doing physical jobs) should increase their water intake regardless of intensity levels and increase your consumption of protein. What better way to get your daily intake while supporting the company you know and love with our shaker cup.

About the Product

This high-quality 16oz cup fits in most cup holders in the car or bus. The bottom unscrews as well to hold your protein powder or other supplement powders. 

But I thought this was supposed to be a shaker cup!?! Where's the wire ball?

It is!!! We know there is a big craze over the shakers with the wire wisk in the bottom to help mix your protein and/or supplements. However, if you take a look at many of our protein descriptions you will notice that most can just be mixed with a spoon. For instance our Whey Isolate and PeptoPro are of such high-quality and so smooth that they don't need the extra help of a wire wisk. That is why we have chosen this bottle. We are thinking of your overall needs throughout the day...not just post workout.

Quick Fact: We lose 0.5-1.0 liters of sweat in 1 hour of exercise and in most cases we are dehydrated by the time we are finished. So let Prescription Nutrition help you stay hydrated. Plus be able to mix up your protein and supplements all with one bottle. No more carrying 3-4 bottles and shakers around and less dishes to wash!


For more information: Check out our Blog for tips, tricks, and articles on training, nutrition, and general wellness. Suggested reading on hydration can be found here!

BPA FREE & Dishwasher Safe