TestoBoost - D-Aspartic Acid 100 Grams Powder

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D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that raises a man's free testosterone levels naturally. It is not a prohormone or hormone. DAA allows your body to use more of its own testosterone effectively. Best of all, TestoBoost is not a prohormone/hormone and is not banned for athletic competition.

Health and Fitness Information

TestoBoost is 100% D-Aspartic Acid. No binders, no fillers, no junk. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown DAA's ability to raise a man testosterone. Users of DAA testify to this as well. Many users report an increased sex drive and more vigor. TestoBoost aids athletes in their recovery from training, post-cycle therapy, and increased testosterone production. TestoBoost is also good for aging men too. Studies have shown a man's testosterone begins to decline steadily around 26.

Benefits of Testoboost

Clinical Research Shows:

  • Our TestoBoost contains a clinical dose of DAA
  • May help reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness(DOMS)
  • Increases free testosterone levels up to 52% in 14 days


D-Aspartic Acid

Directions for Use

The dosage for DAA has been 3-4 grams a day (a heaping teaspoon)….or 2 doses a day of 1/2 teaspoon (this seems to be more popular)….taking more than that recommended dosage has not shown any increased effects. Many users have noted an increased effect when combining the dose or doses with coral calcium.


Serving size: ~5g ( 1 teaspoonful)

Servings per Container: 20